We turn payment cards into

Upgrade your loyalty programme with card linking technology, or launch a new one in record time – with easy deployment and no changes to till hardware or software.

Identify every customer, online and in store.

Offer card linking through your app and website.

Reach millions in their banking apps.

A seamless customer experience

Remove all friction from loyalty presentation and boost positive engagement with your app and brand. Customers are automatically identified when they use their payment card so they can enjoy their membership benefits instantly and never miss out.


Walk away

Get rewarded

Know your customers like never before

With every card purchase linked to a rich customer profile, you can build a complete data picture. 

Target and personalise

your communications and offers​

Unlock multichannel insights

by identifying customers as they move between your stores and your website​

Leverage total data awareness

to drive informed business decisions

A built in audience

We’ve partnered with the UK’s top banks to bring card linked loyalty to tens of millions of customers.

digitally active customers
active mobile app users
log-ins in 2022

Your brand and membership scheme will be featured and promoted in customers’ bank apps, where they can:

Join your programme

with zero friction

Link their payment cards

in one tap, whether they are existing members or they have just joined.​

Check their balance and rewards

and stay engaged with your brand and their member benefits​

From our case studies:

spend increase in loyalty programme members vs non-members
customers spent more in order to get rewarded
increase in order frequency

What you can do with Bink:

Grow your membership

Leverage banking apps to reach millions of customers

Supercharge your CRM and marketing

Leverage unparalleled data accuracy to know who your customers are and what they do

Increase customer spend and visit frequency

Drive customer behaviour through constant engagement in their banking apps

Power your omnichannel strategy

The missing link between in-store and online shopping

Improve customer experience

From faster, frictionless checkout to seamless digital engagement with your programme

Drive customers to your app or website

Offer payment linking in your own app and drive bank users to your app to fully engage with your programme