Who is Bink?

Bink is a fintech company, based in the UK. We’ve made it our mission to imagine a world where loyalty came with less fuss, and created a solution where rewards are easier for everyone. For banks, for shops and for people who love to shop. A solution where loyalty is recognised every time people shop and where connecting with a rewards programme comes with one simple tap.

We’re run by a team of people who have worked in Banking, Retail and Loyalty for many years. We understand first-hand what the opportunities are in banking, what needs to be done to transform loyalty and how this can have a positive impact on retail.

In 2019, Barclays recognised the immense potential in our offering and committed to a significant investment in our business. Thanks to this partnership, Bink is now accessible to millions of Barclays’ customers in the UK.

Bink Senior Leadership

Mike Jordan

Chief Executive Officer


David Camp

General Counsel

Tim Gittins

Chief Revenue Officer

Marty Kerr

Regional Head Asia Pacific

Liz McGuinness


Rob Myerscough Head of Finance

Rob Myerscough

Head of Finance