Meet Bink.

We make loyalty simpler for everyone. Watch now.

Who is Bink?

Bink is a fintech company, based in the UK. We’ve made it our mission to imagine a world where loyalty came with less fuss, and created a solution where rewards are easier for everyone. For banks, for shops and for people who love to shop. A solution where loyalty is recognised every time people shop and where connecting with a rewards programme comes with one simple tap.

We’re run by a team of people who have worked in Banking, Retail and Loyalty for many years. We understand first-hand what the opportunities are in banking, what needs to be done to transform loyalty and how this can have a positive impact on retail.

In 2019, Barclays recognised the immense potential in our offering and committed to a significant investment in our business. Thanks to this partnership, Bink is now accessible to millions of Barclays’ customers in the UK.

Bink Senior Leadership

Mike Jordan CEO-&-Director

Mike Jordan

Chief Executive Officer
David Camp

David Camp

General Counsel
Nick Stefanovitz, Chief Commercial Officer at Bink (Director)

Nick Stefanovitz

Chief Commercial Officer
Hannah Hannah-Soye-Chief-People-Officer

Hannah Soye

Chief People Officer
Liz McGuinness Chief Solutions Officer

Liz McGuinness

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Myerscough Head of Finance

Rob Myerscough

Head of Finance