The smart way to build customer loyalty in your banking app

Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty solution allows you to offer your customers one simple and secure place to manage and engage with their loyalty programmes, all in your mobile banking app.

Bink payment linked loyalty diagram

What exactly is Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty?

Simply put, it’s smart tech which securely links a customer’s payment cards to any loyalty programmes that they are already part of or may want to join. This enables customers to be identified and rewarded every single time they shop, using only their payment cards.

What’s in it for you?

Through seamless integration, we can embed our solution within your existing mobile banking app.

By adding Bink to your existing app functionality, you can:

  • Offer your customers another reason to use your app and keep them engaged
  • Make sure your customers never miss out on their favourite rewards programmes
  • Increase your share of wallet spend with our card linking technology
  • Attract prospective bank customers
customers love Bink rewards

Your customers will enjoy:

  • One place to manage the loyalty programmes they love, keeping them engaged with your app
  • A simpler way to join new loyalty programmes
  • An easy way to be rewarded every time they shop, using only their bank cards
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