Bink, The Works, and Top UK Banks Forge Transformative Partnership to Revolutionise Loyalty Experience

London, 22 August 2023 — Bink, a leading fintech provider of Card Linked Loyalty solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with The Works, the UK’s top family friendly retailer of value gifts, arts, crafts, toys, books, and stationery. Bink’s innovative technology turns payment cards into loyalty cards. This will reshape the way customers engage with The Works’ loyalty programme, Together Rewards.

By adopting Bink’s technology, customers of The Works will automatically earn loyalty points when they use their payment cards, creating a seamless loyalty experience where they never miss out on rewards. The same technology will greatly enhance The Works’ ability to identify customers, and coupled with a data-driven approach, it will boost KYC and will empower The Works to serve their customers better through more relevant, personalised, and rewarding experiences.
Bink’s partnerships with leading UK banks Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland will enable access to over 20 million customers, allowing them to interact with The Works’ loyalty programme through their own banking apps. By joining forces with these banks, Bink and The Works are not only enhancing customer engagement but also expanding their reach to serve a broader audience, ultimately redefining how loyalty programs are experienced in the digital age.

“At The Works, our mission revolves around inspiring and empowering customers to read, learn, create, and play,” commented Gavin Peck, CEO of The Works. “Our partnership with Bink perfectly embodies this mission, as it enables us to enhance our customers’ engagement and reward them for their loyalty. This collaboration has the potential to greatly enrich our customers’ experience and contribute positively to their lives.”

Bink’s CEO, Mike Jordan, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Bink is committed to revolutionizing loyalty engagement, and our partnership with The Works underscores this commitment. By integrating our cutting-edge technology into The Works’ customer journey, we’re elevating loyalty into a seamless, rewarding, and effortless aspect of their transactions. Together, we’re not only enhancing loyalty experiences but also making a meaningful impact on customers’ lives.”

Iain Pringle, loyalty consultant on the project said: “Simplifying the process of accumulating loyalty rewards is key to making it easier for customers to connect with brands and to allowing them to reap the full benefits of their spend, especially in today’s economic climate”.

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, both Bink and The Works recognize the importance of providing tangible benefits to customers. This partnership takes on a significant role in addressing this need by offering easily accessible rewards that amplify the value of each purchase, directly supporting customers during these challenging times.

About Bink: Bink is a leading provider of Card Linked Loyalty solutions that enable seamless integration between payment cards and loyalty programs. By harnessing the power of data and technology, Bink empowers businesses to create personalized and rewarding customer experiences, driving engagement and loyalty.

About The Works: The Works is a popular retailer offering an extensive range of books, toys, games, arts and crafts, stationery, and more. Through their commitment to provide exceptional value, The Works seeks to inspire reading, learning, creativity, and play – making lives more fulfilled.

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