About Bink

Founded in 2015, Bink is an innovator in the $100 billion global loyalty arena. The company was conceived around a kitchen table by co-founders Lee Clarke and Greg Gormley to address the frustrations of outdated retail loyalty programmes, which have neither kept pace with technology, nor with how people want to shop and interact with brands.

Bink’s vision is to transform the world of loyalty by empowering Brands to build deep relationships with their customers. Bink enables customers to be identified every time they pay using their payment card at a retailer and seamlessly rewards them, delivering a frictionless loyalty experience at each touchpoint.

Bink’s mission is to make life simple and rewarding for all.

The Bink solution

Bink enables you to store and view your loyalty cards on your phone, and through our unique technology platform, Payment Linked Loyalty, link your everyday payment cards to automatically collect rewards. Using Bink, you will never miss rewards opportunities from your favourite brands again.

Bink Senior Leadership

Mike Jordan

CEO & Director

Richard Evetts


Marc Allsop


Jon King

Head of UK Retail & Marketing

Marius Lobontiu

Head of Consumer Product

Pascal Guignard

Global Head of Strategic Partnerships

Rob Myerscough

Head of Finance

Sarette Van den Heever

Head of South Africa Market

Bink Leadership

David Meyers

Head of US Market

Meet Our Board and Founders

Board and Founders

Bink Leadership

Lee Clarke

Co-Founder and Board Member

Bink Leadership

Greg Gormley


Bink Leadership

Robert Wigley


Bink Leadership

Steve Perry

Non-Executive Director

Mike Jordan

CEO & Director