Senior DevOps Engineer

Role: Development

Location: Ascot - UK

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We are searching for a talented Senior DevOps Engineer to aid in managing our infrastructure to improve and maintain customer experience. The responsibilities of the role will include deploying product updates, identifying production issues and implementing integrations that meet our customer needs. If you have a solid background in either software engineering, or automating cloud infrastructure at scale, and are familiar with Python or Ruby, we’d love to meet you.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Design and Implement Cloud Infrastructure on a variety of Cloud Providers
  • Perform root cause analysis for production issues using Open Source technology
  • Build tooling and software to mitigate common problems
  • Work with the Development Teams to manage releases of software using CI/CD
  • Keep up to date with recent news and developments in the Open Source community
  • Ensure all software is configured against modern industry recommendations
  • Monitor systems, applications and vulnerabilities to ensure they are healthy and secure



  • An understanding of DevOps/SRE methodology
  • Container Tooling, e.g. Docker/Kubernetes
  • Database Technologies, e.g. SQL/NoSQL/Graph
  • Continuous Integration tooling, e.g. GitLab CI/Circle CI
  • Cloud Providers, e.g. Azure/GCP/AWS
  • Linux System Administration, e.g. Ubuntu/CentOS
  • Scripting, e.g. Bash/Ruby/Python
  • Configuration Management, e.g. Chef/Ansible
  • Infrastructure Management, e.g. Terraform
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