Software Architect

Role: Technical Architecture

Location: Ascot - UK

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The Software Architect will use their knowledge of systems hardware and software to create solutions for Bink to deliver against the product roadmap and partner integrations. You will work closely with Senior Architects, Developers, DevOps, QA, Projects and business owners to ensure all stakeholder requirements are factored into the designs being created.

Outputs from architecture need to be concise Specifications supporting Epics and Stories to ensure a seamless flow of work from project inception through to delivery.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Follow and input into best practices that result in the highest quality in our products and service
  • Collaborate with other architects, software developers, business analysts and DevOps to plan and design, applications
  • Work with the CTO and senior architects to develop innovative solutions to current and future business needs
  • Work closely with Merchants, Banking Partners and Vendors and other 3rdparties to create solutions that enable Bink functionality to be integrated simply in to the Merchants estate
  • Support pre-sales activities by scoping a solution once sales have identified and performed initial scoping of an opportunity.
  • Design and implement hardware systems and software applications
  • Develop architectural solutions for databases, user interfaces, and web services
  • Assist in the refinement and planning of stories, estimates and work plans
  • Conceptualise software solutions to address particular needs for end-users
  • Collaborate with programmers and developers to determine project scope and direction
  • Decide in conjunction with the engineering group on the platforms and coding standards to be used in development, infrastructure and quality assurance
  • Evaluate existing software solutions to identify areas for improvement
  • Ensure architectural integrity of software solutions
  • Maintain architectural documentation of systems and applications
  • Oversee architectural approaches from conception to installation
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders internal and external to ensure that the architectural design is optimal for the business needs and ensure architecture is not done in a vacuum.


Functional Attributes

  • BS/BEng degree or equivalent experience
    • At least two years in the role of software architect leading application, system or integration architecture projects.
    • Demonstration of delivery of significant change either solo or part of an architectural team.
  • OR:
    • At least three years in the role of lead developer (or equivalent) and able to demonstrate detailed knowledge of architectural approach, non-functional and functional requirements, estimation and good documentation standards.
    • Able to clearly articulate and demonstrate problem solving through design and analysis under time pressures.
  • Understanding of business technology drivers and their impact on architecture design, performance and monitoring, best practices and policies
  • Ability to articulate to more experienced management a technical strategy in clear, concise, understandable terms
  • Understanding of software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Minimum of 5 years’ practical experience in software development using modern programming languages, e.g.: Java, Python, C# or Erlang;
  • Organisational and workload management capabilities
  • Experience of working in an Agile development environment
  • Knowledge of working with Jira for task management


Personal Attributes

  • Business Awareness
    • Knowledge of the company markets, customers and goals
    • Understands how to plan work to achieve the business objectives
  • Customer Focus
    • Understands how to identify and anticipate customer needs both internal and external
    • Demonstrates ability to build effective relationships both internal and external
    • Understands the need to exceed customer expectations
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    • Good at expressing complex tasks to a wide variety of audiences both orally and in written form
    • Understands how to listen to alternate points of view and is able to modify personal behaviour when confronted with better ways of delivering tasks
  • Decision Making
    • Understands the importance of data driven decision making
    • Good at making rational decisions even when data is incomplete
    • Understands the importance of seeking and acting upon feedback
  • Personal Drive, Organisation and Planning
    • Passionate about software and infrastructure architecture
    • Demonstrates ability to be a self-starter whilst also understands the need to be a team player
    • Knowledge of how to set priorities, define targets, plan personal work
    • Understands the importance of being open minded about change
  • Leadership and People Management
  • Able to lead others in design and implementation direction.
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