Bink partners with Wasabi to supercharge their loyalty programme

You might be familiar with the name Wasabi. This highly successful Sushi and Bento to-go restaurant chain is based in the UK, has 50+ stores and focuses on fresh and delicious Japanese-inspired food.

People love Wasabi; there was no issue with loyalty there. So what was the problem? 

Wasabi had a loyalty programme, but it was a little complicated for both staff and customers. So they came to Bink and asked us how we could help. They wanted a simpler solution that recognised and easily rewarded a customer, every time they made a purchase.

We took a closer look at the ins and outs of the Wasabi loyalty programme and we found that to earn rewards, a customer had to buy a specific item and then scan a QR code on a staff lanyard or at the till. Redeeming their reward wasn’t that easy either. 

Wasabi wanted a simpler solution that recognised and easily rewarded a customer, every time they made a purchase. 

What was the answer? 

Bink’s unique technology allowed customers to link their payment card when they joined Wasabi Club. From there, it was as simple as recognising that card every time it was used to pay for an order from the restaurant and automatically rewarding the transaction. It couldn’t be easier.

Customers could also access the Wasabi Club digitally. Here, they could see how many loyalty stamps they’d collected and Wasabi could offer them a simple money-off voucher in return, ready for the customer to use whenever they had a craving for some rainbow rolls. 

Wasabi store front, sushi counter

So, did it work? 

Yes. It allowed customers to earn their rewards seamlessly, removing all operational impact from stores. This technology of holding a digital version of earned rewards, proved to be easier and more secure for customers to use. 

Partnering with Bink allowed a 100% presentation rate to be realised for Wasabi. Every transaction the customer makes, qualifying for a stamp or not, is identified and passed back to Wasabi. This full set of customer data not only means a customer is rewarded for their spend, but also allows the sushi chain to do highly targeted CRM to their Club members.  

It was a win-win situation for both customers and Wasabi – which is exactly what you want from a loyalty programme.