About Bink

What is Bink?

Bink is the only app where you can store and view all your loyalty cards on your phone, and link your everyday payment cards to automatically collect points and rewards. We call this Payment Linked Loyalty.

Does it cost to use Bink?

The Bink App is free.

What is Payment Linked Loyalty?

Payment Linked Loyalty is Bink’s unique technology that securely links together your loyalty programme IDs with your registered payment cards in the Bink Wallet.

Linking your payment cards and loyalty programme ID’s means that when you pay at a select Bink Retail Partner you will be rewarded your points automatically!

What are the benefits of Bink?

The Bink App lets you:

  • Store all your loyalty cards in one place so you can ditch the plastic and ensure you are never without your cards.
  • Easily view your points balances and transaction history from a range of different loyalty programmes, so you can keep track of your points and recent spend history
  • Get relevant digital offers sent straight to your mobile phone, rather than having to carry around paper offers you forget to use.
  • Link your everyday payment card to be automatically rewarded with select Bink Retail Partners, ensuring you never miss out on points again!

For the full list of Bink FAQ’s please visit: http://help.bink.com