Bink and SquareMeal Press Release

Bink payment linked loyalty

Bink and SquareMeal partner to bring seamless loyalty offering to millions of mobile banking customers

London, 2 February 2022 – Bink has integrated SquareMeal into its digital loyalty offering – giving restaurants a seamless way to connect with their customers, get to know them better and expand their reach.

Thanks to the new integration, Barclays customers can now sign up to SquareMeal Rewards through the Loyalty Cards feature on the Barclays app. The feature, which is powered by Bink, allows customers to collect loyalty points automatically whenever they use their Barclays credit or debit card at participating SquareMeal restaurants.

What is the SquareMeal Rewards programme?

The rewards programme is a simple way for customers to earn rewards for dining out, making restaurant bookings, and leaving restaurant reviews.

From the restaurateur’s point of view, the scheme allows them the ability to entice customers with points-earning offers, and the card-linking technology gives enhanced visibility into customer spend and behaviour. This marketing tool not only helps restaurateurs to fill quieter times, but also builds customer loyalty, encourages repeat visits, and even a greater spend per visit.

How does Bink’s technology work?

Bink’s technology links a customer’s payment cards to participating retailers’ loyalty and customer engagement programmes. This ensures that customers are identified and automatically rewarded every time they shop, eliminating the need to carry around physical loyalty cards.

Mike Jordan, CEO Bink

“SquareMeal launching on the Bink solution is a great way to kick off 2022. Through this one partner, we help 100s of restaurants create a smart, simple, and digital way to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.”

Dean Yardley, CEO SquareMeal

“We are really pleased to be able to offer our restaurant partners a way to connect with their customers and reach millions of new ones after a challenging two years for the restaurant industry. In 2022, it’s our ambition to take SquareMeal Rewards to 1000s more restaurants and this partnership sets us in good stead.”

Media Contacts

Bink Contact: Fiona Bosman

SquareMeal Contact: Caroline Hendry

About Bink:

Bink was founded in 2015 to address the frustrations of retail engagement and loyalty programmes, which have neither kept pace with technology, nor with how people want to shop and interact with their favourite brands. Bink’s unique technology solution, Payment Linked Loyalty, allows customers’ payment cards to be securely linked to engagement and loyalty programmes, enabling every customer to be identified and rewarded every time they shop.

In 2019, Barclays invested in our business. Thanks to this partnership, Bink’s technology is now accessible to the millions of Barclays app customers in the UK. For more information about Bink, visit

About SquareMeal:

SquareMeal is a market-leading, independent restaurant commentator and booking system, with 1000s of restaurants represented on its site. Their customer engagement programme, SquareMeal Rewards, is a loyalty scheme that rewards customers who spend with their restaurant partners. For more information about SquareMeal, visit