The data is in the details – the Bink difference

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In the previous post we looked at the ways in which Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty can significantly raise your brand’s profile, boost your audience, and help your customers manage their loyalty programmes smartly and seamlessly. If you missed it, here’s the link.

This week, we’re taking a more in-depth look at the cornerstone of every digital strategy: data. As one of the most quoted phrases in business has it, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. 
Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty solution gives you both the tools to manage and continuously assess your strategy but also an unparalelled opportunity to identify your customers every time they shop, tailor your offers accordingly and achieve true personalisation.  

As the past two years of a global pandemic have so resoundingly demonstrated, upheaval may be inescapable, but having the means to adapt and alter course, is not only key to a brand’s survival, but becomes the means by which it can thrive.

Whether you want to start a loyalty programme from scratch, or enhance an existing programme, Payment Linked Loyalty can provide your brand with a unique opportunity to really connect with your customers, hit those often seemingly elusive targets with relevant marketing messages, drive traffic to your website and take on the competition. 

As the digital journey unfolds, so too does the opportunity to build a powerful omnichannel strategy. With Payment Linked Loyalty, the line between online and instore shopping now officially ceases to exist, and for retailers, this is a significant step forward. Being able to ‘see’ your customers 100% of the time means that you’ll never miss another moment to engage with them when and where it matters most.

The evidence of this is, of course, in the customer spend. Already, a loyal customer will spend – on average – 67%  more than a new customer. With digital loyalty, you can make this even more meaningful. From frictionless experiences at the till, right through to constant engagement on their banking app, an improved customer experience is the key to enhanced spend. 

For any retailer, regardless of size, stature or sector, innovation will always be integral to their success and with Payment Linked Loyalty from Bink, innovation just became a whole lot more simple – for retailers as well as for their customers. Which, of course, makes all the difference.