What if almost half the British public saw your brand?

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card payment machine loyalty  banking app

Looking for new ways to increase your audience?
How about 25 million ways?

If you’re wanting to add significant numbers to your brand’s audience, then Payment Linked Loyalty from Bink could just be the thing you need. This is due to several partnerships having recently been agreed between Bink and some of the UK’s biggest banks, which will soon allow Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty to live in all their apps. 

Having already launched a partnership with Barclays, preparations are underway to do likewise with Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and Halifax. With a combined total reach of over 25 million customers, this presents an exciting opportunity for retailers to enjoy a significant increase in their brand’s profile through a digital loyalty programme powered by Bink.

Aside from the audience increase, Payment Linked Loyalty offers a host of other benefits for the retailer – particularly in driving high levels of loyalty member acquisition. Here’s how it works: If a customer is shopping with a participating retailer, they will automatically receive a prompt – through their banking app – to either interact with that retailer’s membership programme, or better still, to join it if they haven’t already done so.  

For the customer, there is the added convenience of keeping up with their loyalty memberships from the comfort of their banking app. Balances, loyalty points and upcoming rewards can all be seen immediately and managed – simply and seamlessly.   

For retailers, the benefits of more consistent customer engagement cannot be underestimated, especially given the current cost-of-living crisis and the consequent challenges this poses for customers and retailers alike. Thanks to the convenience of Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty, the potential for increased customer spend and frequency is greatly increased, while for users, the all-round customer experience is enhanced and enriched. 

Isn’t that how a loyalty programme ought to be, for everyone? 

Next week, we’ll be taking a more detailed look at how Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty works for retailers, and the many ways this can help increase brand awareness and grow your customer base. 

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about our Payment Linked Loyalty solution please get in touch at retail@bink.com